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Select from this wide choice of Wine and Brandy glasses. Champagne Flutes and Goblets and even Pilsner glasses. We offer a broad range of stemware from the basic, good quality glass and crystal which is worthy of an engraving, to the highest quality hand made and cut lead crystal.
The prices on this page include an engraved message, an image from stock or an image from our clip art collection and a quality gift box.
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STEMWARE. Wine, Goblets, Champagne Flutes and Brandy.
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Stemware, Wine glasses, Goblets, Champagne flutes, Sherry and Brandy glasses.
Tankards half pint and pint. Also pint sleeves, pilsner and pub glasses.
Tumblers, Mixers and Juice glasses.
Mixers, Tumblers and Juice glasses.
Tots and shot glasses.
Decanters, spirit, wine, whiskey and Carafes.
Jugs, water and cream.
Bowls, salad, fruit and Comport and Centre pieces.
Desk top items, Paperweights, clocks, candle sticks, Coasters and Bells.
Candle lamps.
Photo frames.
Trophies and Cups.
Jade flat glass awards and Plaques.
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Charlotte Hand Cut Lead Crystal.

An excellent 24% lead crystal suite from poland, with a beautiful traditional hand cut and a clear panel for engraving

This price includes an engraving.
Wine 170ml £19.50
Goblet 230ml £19.50
Brandy 340ml £19.50
Flute 185ml £19.50


A very popular Bohemia crystal suite which has excellent clarity and quality for such little cost.

This price includes an engraving.
Goblet 340ml £12.80
Flute 180ml £12.50
Brandy 250ml £12.50
Wine 230ml £12.50

Claudia Bohemia Crystalite

Jasmine Krosno Crystal.

This crystal suite from Krosno is the same high quality as the Claudia collection above. And also very modestly priced.

This price includes an engraving.
Wine 150ml £12.50
Goblet 200ml £12.50
Flute 150ml £12.50


Professional, quality toughened glass range, excellent clarity with cold cut rim.

This price includes an engraving.
Flute 180ml £13.50
Wine 250ml £13.50
Goblet 350ml £13.50

Cabernet Glassware.

Classic Shott Glassware.

An great crystal suite from Schott. A very clean looking glass, would put some of the hand made examples out there to shame.

This price includes an engraving.
Brandy 530ml £13.50
Wine 200ml £14.50
Flute 180ml £14.50
Goblet 325ml £14.50


This beautiful hand made crystal suit has been carefully designed to compliment the traditional highly prized and expensive antique air and opaque twist glasses.The only difference is these can be used anytime.

This price includes an engraving.
Wine 280ml N/A
Brandy 400ml N/A
Flute 220ml £26.50
Goblet 350ml N/A

Airtwist Hand Made Crystal.

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