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Engraving Techniques. This page contains the various methods we utilise to create Engravings on glass. The methods we use for engraving are pretty basic, but with the combination of modern computer technology and good old fashioned Hand Engraving and Sandblasting, I find the results are far more pleasing to the eye than Surface Laser engraving. But that's just my opinion...
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ENGRAVING TECHNIQUES- Sandblasting, Sandcarving and Hand Engraving.
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Stemware, Wine glasses, Goblets, Champagne flutes, Sherry and Brandy glasses.
Tankards half pint and pint. Also pint sleaves, pilsner and pub glasses.
Tumblers, Mixers and Juice glasses.
Mixers, Tumblers and Juice glasses.
Tots and shot glasses.
Decanters, spirit, wine, whiskey and Carafes.
Jugs, water and cream.
Bowls, salad, fruit and Comport and Centre pieces.
Desk top items, Paperweights, clocks, candle sticks, Coasters and Bells.
Candle lamps.
Photo frames.
Trophies and Cups.
Jade flat glass awards and Plaques.
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There are a great many different effects that can be achieved when engraving glass and making use of a variety of methods you can have just about any design put onto a piece of glass, from a picture of your car to a picture of your family. Many people ask is the engraving permanent? will washing in soapy water affect the engraving and also when cleaning window panels with products, even white spirit. No cleaning products will affect the image, abrasive cleaners can dull the overall surface of the glass but because an engraving is an image actualy cut into the surface of the glass or crystal it can never be removed, unless using specialised glass cutting and polishing products used in lense manufacturing.

Hand Engraved using a diamond point drill.

Sandblast etched and shaded window unit.

Photo engraving on bowl.


One of the methods of engraving we use is drill by hand. This is an art form and perfect for those one off extra special commisions requiring a greater amount of detail, giving the finished piece a unique "one of a kind" look. And by using of a variety of diamond burs, grinding stones and abrasive wheels, to bring out the great many textures and shades in an image. The possibilities are as endless as illustrating with pen and pencil.


The next method is sandblasting (sandcarving). It goes without saying this type of engraving is perfect for quantity orders and large panels, by using resists (masks) produced in house you can have as many pieces of glass engraved with the same design as you like and of course this keeps costs down. Like hand engraving you dont have to make do with a single step design (one depth and no variation in shading), we are able to create multi depth sandcarved work and by clever use of polishing techniques and planning, some quite outstanding (literally speaking) images can be achieved.

If you want to have a chat about any glass engraving project even if you are doing the work yourself. Just give me a ring or send me an e-mail, maybe we'll all learn something new!

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